Through its website, The Cumming Harvest connects farmers and growers with customers, enabling them to access very locally grown, organically grown food all year. Founder, Suzanne Geddes visits all farms and assures customers that farmers have met strict sustainable and organic growing standards. The majority of products have been grown and produced within a 100-mile radius of The Cumming Harvest.

Although transactions are completed online, The Cumming Harvest encourages customers to visit and get to know the farmers through the website. Growers post profiles, contact information and even recipes for their customers.

Access to locally grown food is not limited to the summer season. After most of the other local farmers markets close at the end of the summer, there are many wonderful crops still being grown and harvested throughout the year in Georgia. The Cumming Harvest provides a way for local farmers to connect with customers year-round.

In this video, Suzanne shows how The Cumming Harvest operates

A Variety of Very Local, Organically Grown Foods All in One Place

The Cumming Harvest customers have a greater selection than they have with other direct-to-consumer local buying programs. Fresh produce and products are listed by a variety of farmers and sold online each week. Farmers deliver to The Cumming Harvest for pick up by customers on Saturday mornings. Because numerous providers list products on the website, customers have access to a wide variety of local, organically grown and sustainable foods. A great selection of in-season fruits, vegetables and herbs, raw local honey, non-GMO eggs from pastured hens, 100% grass-fed meats, pastured chicken, and baked goods are available throughout the year – all in one place.

Local Farmers Love The Cumming Harvest

The Cumming Harvest helps local farmers earn throughout the year. Farmers set their own pricing and sell directly to customers through the website. After farmers receive the orders, they harvest, package, label, and deliver only what the customers ordered through the website. Growers don’t have to waste hours and inventory sitting at traditional farmers markets, when potentially, they may end the day with unsold food.

In this video, Mel Brannen, @SweetPGarden owner shares her experience with The Cumming Harvest

Customers Love The Cumming Harvest

Customers enjoy year-round access to some of the freshest organically grown foods available. In addition to the market listings, customers can read about each grower and contact them directly from the grower page of the website. Often produce is still growing when customers place their order directly with the local farmer through The Cumming Harvest website. Growers harvest, package orders, and deliver to the market within a day or two of the time that customers pick them up on Saturday mornings.

The Cumming Harvest charges a minimal annual membership fee, unlike CSAs (Consumer Supported Agriculture), in which members usually pay a larger fee for each season for a weekly share of the farm’s projected harvest. Members of The Cumming Harvest are able to choose exactly what they want from available produce offered by many different farmers.

Although summer is coming to an end, there are so many delicious and nutritious vegetables that will be harvested in the upcoming seasons. The Cumming Harvest is a wonderful way for those who don’t have their own gardens to support local farmers and access locally grown, and organically grown food all year. The market schedule follows.

The Cumming Harvest Schedule


Farmers Post Available Items Online

Wednesday & Thursday

Online Market Opens

Customers View Available Farmer Listings Purchase Food Online

Thursday & Friday

Farmers Review, Harvest and Prepare Customer Orders


Farmers Deliver Before 10 AM

Farmers Deliver Customer Orders to Cumming Harvest

Customers Pick Up 10 AM until Noon

Customers Pick Up Orders at Cumming Harvest