GardenZeal is a new blog and resource for anyone who wants to grow well, eat well and live well.

Laurie Wakefield has leveraged her gardening and professional skills to create and launch the new blog and website. You don’t have to spend much time with her to realize that gardening, healthy eating and purposeful living are among her favorite subjects.

Laurie created GardenZeal to encourage individuals to explore and experience the benefits of gardening and healthy eating. Along with colorful photos and graphics, Laurie and GardenZeal contributors will create and publish information to help others grow, to increase food and nutrition awareness, and to nurture and inspire healthier individuals and communities.

A Feast for the Eyes & Nourishment for the Body, Mind, & Soul

Beautiful nature and garden images will attract and engage followers who are interested in growing, eating and living well. Along with gardening, we will encourage healthier eating, natural exercise, and personal growth, as well as responsibility and care for natural resources, each other, and the next generation.

Bountiful harvests extend beyond the garden and the rewards are plentiful. Stress levels are reduced, stamina is increased and longer, more meaningful lives are achieved through better nutrition and regular exercise that happens naturally when we garden.

Laurie and GardenZeal contributors will model healthier behavior for others. Family, community, and cultural influence have significant effects on physical, mental and spiritual health. Good or bad, the health of individuals and families can impact entire communities. GardenZeal will encourage its followers to take steps to become healthier, to educate families, to raise food awareness, provide better access to healthier food, to encourage better choices, and to influence communities in positive ways. (1)

A Growing Community

GardenZeal is a resource that will appeal to a community of followers who want to connect, grow, encourage one another and live healthier, more productive lives. Members of our gardening community will join us to create and share content that features gardeners, the beauty and bounty of their harvests, and their lifestyles. We’ll continually follow and monitor interests and publish regularly.

Follow GardenZeal, Receive Updates and Access Content That Will Help You:

Grow Well

  • Be inspired through engaging and educational photography and graphics
  • Access direction through tips, case studies, and resource links
  • Gain instruction through video tutorials and informative downloads
  • Learn methods to grow and harvest the freshest fruits and vegetables
  • Be challenged with us, to think beyond ourselves, care for the earth, our resources and one another
  • Find information about community gardens and others who grow near you

Eat Well

  • Receive guidance to harvest, purchase and enjoy the freshest organic vegetables and fruits
  • Maximize quality, flavor and nutrition through locally grown produce
  • Find information about places and ways to access more nutritious, locally grown food all year long
  • Learn ways to support local growers to ensure ongoing availability of the freshest and most nutritious fruits and vegetables
  • Find harvesting directions and recipes to prepare and enjoy fresher and more nutritious food
  • Discover techniques to store and preserve fresh fruits and vegetables

Live Well

  • Gain motivation for changes that enable healthier lifestyles
  • Learn to grow organically and protect and maximize our natural resources
  • Network and access prompts to connect, share, and grow with our families, friends and communities
  • Realize that by changing our environment and modifying our routines we can move more and exercise happens naturally
  • Be encouraged to model and help others connect, eat well, grow well and live well

Purpose Driven and Intentional Influence

In addition to gardening, Laurie provides marketing communications and public relations consulting services at Throughout her career, Laurie’s strategies have been customer focused. She continually measures interests and results and responds with more relevant and compelling content.

These strategies will be applied to GardenZeal to reach, influence, inspire and equip more people to make healthier choices and live longer, more productive lives. Appealing and useful content will be published to attract, build, and nurture relationships. As our community expands we will learn more together, problem solve, encourage one another, increase our appetite for more nutritious and delicious food, celebrate success, and have some fun!

We hope you will join us. Scroll down this page and take a look at the types of content that Laurie has been publishing @GardenZeal on Twitter. We’ll be expanding on similar topics through the blog and we hope you will click to subscribe, join and grow with us.

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